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Dog Vaccines

This video is a general overview of what vaccines your dog
needs and why.  Dog vaccines are very important for the
preventive healthcare of your dog.  Vaccines in dogs save
hundreds of thousands of dogs every year from diseases.

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Vaccines in Dogs

Vaccinating dogs is very important, too important to let the
slight risk of side effects, even serious side effects, deter
you. In over 20 years of practice, I have never had a dog die
from a vaccine reaction. Two dogs have developed a disease
syndrome where their immune system attacks their own red
blood cells but with treatment have recovered and been just
fine. The low risk of possible side effects is much better than
taking the much higher risk of contracting diseases by not
Distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, leptospirosis, corona virus,
parainfluenza, rabies, and other diseases including Lyme
disease are all vaccinated against. Of these, the most
commonly seen, unfortunately, is the parvovirus, a deadly,
deadly disease. Parvovirus is out in the environment,
spreads by infected dogs through their diarrhea that stays
in the grass, soil, concrete, even on your shoes, for several
years. Parvo is still seen in huge numbers across the nation
and yet it is preventable with the parvo vaccine.

Distemper is less common thanks to the vaccine. Rabies,
present in our skunk, raccoon, and bat populations, is
important to vaccinate against, not only for your dog but
also from a public safety standpoint. Leptospirosis, a
disease that attacks the kidneys and other organs, can
affect dogs and people. Although the older vaccine caused
some reactions in puppies, the newer Lepto vaccine is much
better and has fewer side effects.

The question has been asked as to how often vaccines
should be given. Your vet will have recommendations as to
how often to vaccinate your dog.

Vaccinations are important and there should not be a
question as to if they should be given.

- Sam Meisler DVM

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